Saturday, December 15, 2007

Time for everyone to decide.

Now its time for the audience to decide who won.
Of course we are going to have the usual on-line poll again.
But along with this, the past players of WWSV are invited to e-mail me their thoughts on who won the final round.

So who did win this round?

Nemonock with his highly ironic way of taking over China, with hawt chicks.

Or was it Tak. With his three course banquet of doom. Which came with a nice little song from the eighties as well.
Dinner and a show.

Please Vote NOW!!!!
Who is the winner?
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Mr. Butler said...

My judgment:

Nemonok - I've always like your posts. They're witty and wry. Of course, there are rarely any mistakes. The main problem I had with them is they were too long. There was a lot happening that was perhaps superfluous, in the sense of a purely entertaining post. I also thought your President Bush bit was cliche, and dated, and perhaps the Cheney thing to some extent, though it had an interesting take on it. Perhaps it was simply the Nemonok character that made your writing more strenuous to read. A brain in a jar can't lightheartedly frolic like an Intergalactic Gladiator can.

Tak - At first, I thought your writing was plain silly. It came off as a cheap "putting these two things together is funny!" and seemed to lack meaning, purpose or content. However, they were consistently entertaining, and putting the things together you did was actually funny. They started quick, had some great chuckles, and ended fast. Some meat could have gave the jokes resonance.

This made voting for a winner (for this challenge and overall) difficult as you both have opposite styles. Tak builds up a beauty, but neglects the foundation. Nemonok thinks the beauty is in the foundation.

In the end, I chose Nemonok. But believe me it was hard. Tak did great. But I felt that despite having bloated posts with much superfluous content, Nemonok managed to pack in enough killer material to make him deserving.

And a brain in a jar is just evil!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Mr. Butler. That is a fine assessment of our writing styles. I am a terrible writer due to poor spelling, weak grammar and a lack of focus. But I am funny. It is one of my of my saving graces (along with being tall). Also if I could photoshop better my stories would not be as forced as they are.

Nemonok is a good to very good writer. I also think he is funny and cheesy. Two of my favorite qualities. I also think that writing for another character, with a different voice is very challenging. Everything I write ends up sounding like the real life me.

As for you job during this competition, I have to say I was pleased. I was absent for the last contest you entered and missed out on your writing. I like the buying of the Dallas Cheerleader, powering a robot with Jan Fonda was out there with a great twist and I loved the build up to the X-mas joke. I kicked my self for not seeing that one coming and that is what made it so great.

I hope to see more of your work