Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What you've all been waiting for.

"And now your hostess with the mostest. Lin!" announces Deadpool.

I walk onto the stage, the music blares out "The Final Countdown."I get to the podium and look out at the audience of four.
No bother. Its an audience and I can work them like the best.

"Wasn't this the greatest Who wants to be Super Villain, ever!" I ask them.
"Hmm sort of." says the red robot.

"But wasn't this the first. We have nothing to compare it with." comments the gay guy in purple and pink.

Ugh! Oh well nothing to do but announce the winner and runner up.

"So onto the reason for this presentation the winner of the inaugural Who wants to be a Super Villain!" I shout expecting the four to cheer and applaud.

"Just give it to the brain in a jar and put me out of my misery." screams Tak.

"But Tak even I don't know who won. The e-mail votes have been kept secret until now." I tell him.

"You really mean there's hope I could have won?" he asks.

"Maybe." I tell him. "And the winner of Who wants to be a Super Villain by 13 votes to 9 is ......"
Dr Nemonock!

You are a Super Villain!

"And as our winner you get to have the certificate of ..... wining."

"And Tak we're so very sorry at your loss and we'd like to give you a certificate too."

"Ok thats all the time we have here. So goodbye and remember don't just try and be a villain. Be a Super Villain."


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Thank you, thank you all. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I want to thank all the member of the academy for their faith and trust in me.

*The Henchman runs over*

Not now Henchy, I have to address my adoring fans. As I was saying you are all the greatest and it is an honor to accept ...

*The Henchman ties to pull Tak off stage*

... this ... get off me ... award. I would like to .... let go of me ... the person who mixed me up in a test ....

*the Henchman is joined by Deadpool and Koma, who manange to drag Tak from the stage*

November Rain said...

sorry I didn't send in my email vote... this move has me busy

captain koma said...

You should real post this

Dr. Nemonok said...

Thank you, thank you all.