Monday, December 3, 2007

Challenge 6

Challenge Number 6

Ok now there's only 3 of you left.

Tak - Hey what happened to Gyrobo you said you were going to throw him off the top of those towers?

Nemonock - Yes I wish to know what happened there as well.

Buttler - Who cares. Its no longer relevant to the show.

The bespeckled one is right it doesn't matter what happened to Gyrobo.

Tak - Awww!

Ok you next and second last challenge is to.

Destroy Christmas!
I personally hate this annual travesty of greed and kindness and happiness to all. In fact of all days this as a super villain should be the worst day of the year. Good tidings and joy to all th world are not what we want. We want to bring fear and hatred and chaos to the world.
Work out the best way to ruin this most horrid of days.

Let the chaos commence!


Mr. Butler said...

Two words:

Tony Danza

November Rain said...

didn't Magneto already try one year on the forum smiley wars? ;):P

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

I know, we should play Christmas song until they make us puke, watch "It's a wonderful life" 300 time and have a presidential campaign right in the middle of the Holiday season.

No wait, it has been done already. Rats need to get a new plan

Gyrobo said...

Just don't try to enlist the help of Martians.

That movie was... just horrible...

Darth Nepharia said...

Ruin Christmas? Howbout this: your significant other gets sent on a mission for the Empire lasting a solar year to the remote planet of Tatooine? And he can't have any alcohol while he's there.

So now I am drinking for two....wish me luck.

captain koma said...

Nepheria why didn't you play. Your evilness would have been appreciated.

Also I would have had someone to keep Henchy in line.

He's been getting drunk with Tak and daring to to do nudie runs and othe male stupidity.


Jocks are so stupid.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Actually, I think Tak and Henchy doing a nudie run would improve viewership. I know I'd watch