Sunday, December 9, 2007

Semi Final - I hate you all.

"Lin your judging the semi-final." Koma tells me. "And this time I want you to be sober for it."
"Meh!" I reply.
"Lin promise me you'll be sober or I'll set your perkiness on cheerleader." he threatens. It wasn't an idle threat. Koma doesn't make threats that he wont carry out. And since I found out how to be cool and got me a cool posse I got a reputation to keep. I can't be all bubbly and perky again. I tell the "ex" I'll be sober. He's easily placated.

To prepare for the judging I go and play my favourite video game.

Gingerbread Woman.
Its so cool. You get to play as Ginger Bread woman and beat up all these guys. Its so good for getting out my frustration.

Well after all of that I decided to read these attempts at destroying christmas.

Nemonock - Brains of Endearment. The story of a homicidal Sinéad O'Connor freak and her unrequited love for a brain in jar. Also somewhere in there was a plan to have the USA wage war on Santa Claus and Christmas. Dick Cheney should be the Penguin in a Batman movie one day. Its prefect casting but I'm just waiting for Gun Nut to come to her senses and realise that your just another manipulative man. Its just that you lack the proper equipment to really satisfy a women.

Oh I meant a heart. You sick pervs thought I was meaning his penis. Weren't you?

Mr Buttler - Hmmm! I think many right wing Christians would be quite aghast at your tenure as Pope. Well they always said the Pope was the anti-christ, but I doubt your truly evil enough to go through with it. I mean there's still an X-mas. Ugh! Talk about cop out city. I was expecting this to go somewhere. Then again what do you expect from a character that exists in a show where something might happen once every fifth episode. Careful there Mr Buttler you almost had something happen.

Tak - Everyones favourite Imperial Storm-trooper. Your hench-people have way too much control in your organistation so I'd be watching your back. Despite this you managed to get Santa killed and an LA gang blamed for his death.

So I give the final immunity to Tak.

Ha! Eat that.

I'm going back to playing Ginger bread Woman.


Dr. Nemonok said...

Hmm, that is where you are wrong. I do have the proper equipment to satisfy an Earth woman -- a well stocked bank account.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

What??!?! What a rip off! thios game is fixed! I demand to see th judges ....

*Henchman comes over and whispers in Tak's Ear*

Uhh ..... yeah .... I should read the fine print better.

Mr. Butler said...


Something's not right....he's won all the immunities!

Dr. Nemonok said...

You are coorect, Mr. Butler (if that is your real name). The fix is obviously in, but what does this simple clone trooper have that these judges want? Perhaps it is blackmail photos.

Not the clone said...

*disguised voice* or maybe he is just filled with awesome funnyness.