Friday, October 26, 2007

Magneto checks in

When I arrived at the lodgings Koma secured for this contest, I immediately asked the bell-hop which was the nicest suite. He gave me the room number and when I went to secure the room, I saw a tag had been placed on the door. It said AOC. The elevator doors slid open behind me. A tall man in white armor walked out. He appeared to be whistling Afternoon Delight.

"Are you AOC?" I asked, quickly ripping off the tag.

"Yeah," he answered, reaching out a hand. "How's it going?"

"Fine, thanks," I replied, shaking his offered hand. "I checked with the front desk and they tell me your room is actually just down the block, near the train tracks. Apparently Koma has secured some kind of deluxe three story unit just for you. You must be rather important."

"Oh?" he said, his voice beaming. "Well I am part of the largest most kick-ass army in the universe. I guess he's just placing it smart. Thanks!"

I quickly scratched out AOC's name on the tag and wrote my own.

If he's an example of my competition, this game should be easy.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

But did you see where I get to live! It is a three story container box.!!! Three Stories!!!

I am living large. This place rocks. I have a microwave, mini-fridge, bean bag chair, black light poster, food replicator 2000, and a big stack of US magizines.

(I have to share a room with 200 other troopers back home)

Dr. Nemonok said...
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Dr. Nemonok said...

Brilliant work, my brother. The power of your cleverness is exceeded only by the power of your magnetism.

Mr. Butler said...

Stormtroopers are push overs. Wait until you have a run in with a copy machine salesman or that brain in a jar.

Gyrobo said...

You're a natural preservative at this.

TX said...

I have an idea why dont you share a room with AOC

he has said he has to share his room with 2 thousand others

because I am not sharing my room with you