Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Return of Kung fu Clown

I was meditating, and my senses became even sharper. I hear some Russian woman reporting back to SHIELD . Well looks like we have a mole. if I'm right about her identity. she's someone I want to kill.

My musings are interrupted by the sound of squeaking. I turn to see a thinner leaner Kung Fu Clown.

" How did you lose your weight that quick?" I ask.

" It was water weight." He responds.

" You drank an entire lake?"

" Never mind that ! I beat your cannon fodder ninjas I demand a spot on your team!"

I glare. " You know I could kill you for this."

" Yes you could."

We stare at each other for seconds. Finally I break the silence. " You have guts I'll give you that . OK I'll give you an assignment. We have a contract for a Superhero called The Spanker Kill him and you'll find a place in my organization. "

A few hours later, KF Clown, drags the Spanker into my tree house. Then kills the hero with a rubber chicken and a seltzer bottle. I wasn't expecting that. this guy is dangerous, and unpredictable something that could be useful.

" Welcome to the League of Assassins. Now please clean up this mess you made. " I announce.


captain koma said...

Wow! That Kung Fu clown did step up didn't he.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You killed the Spanker?!!!

This is indeed a sad day for all heroes.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

So did he choke the Spanker with that chicken?

Dr. Nemonok said...

I knew that clown had something seriously evil in him. How proud you must be of your new hench.

Henchman432 said...

Good Job.

Deadpool said...
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Deadpool said...

Could be less Jokerish, but not bad. Still would have gone with the fatso in the car.

TX said...

spits cola on the screen because of AOC

Gyrobo said...

It's a very unpleasant way to die, I can tell you that.