Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome All

Welcome future lords and ladies of the universe....and welcome to MY GAME.

So if you want to get to know the place. Feel free to roam around.

Oh where are we you ask?

Well as you all know we are in a small but lovely pocket dimension set up in the lovely island of Sri Lanka. That is the Tamil Tigers controlled part of this lovely island.

Now you've all been assigned your own quarters each tailored to your own specific requirements.

Magneto -
A grass hut

Sky -
Log cabin

Gyrobo -
A Box

Dr Nemdork -
Out house

Bruce Cain -
Tree House

Mr Buttler -
Motel 8

Now I am the MAIN Host and all problems will be solved by me. This is MY GAME.

We also have a fine list of judges.

Henchy - My main number2 man. Mi amigo. He'll be heading the judging pannel.

Deadpool - Yes that wacky Merc with a mouth is going to be judging too. That is if can get his posts in on time.

And finally cause Gaia still hasn't said yes I've gotten in Lin.

Yeah I'm a bit worried too.

Of course there's Garry my old High School Soccer Captain, and the lovable but annoying Tattoo from fantasy island, and last but not least the Wrecking Crew.

Now the Judges are staying the lovely Plaza Galaxy Station, orbiting high above the planet in geosynchronous orbit. Staying here is your reward for winning the challenge.
So get to know the other suckers Ooops! Competitors we'll be starting soon.

Let the Evil Commence!


Dr. Nemonok said...

You seem to have deliberatly substitued a colloquial insult for part of my name in a feeble attempt at humor. Please allow me to stimulate the humor centers of brain. Ah, here we go.

Ha. Ah ha.

Oh you mad scientists are such an incongruous bunch.

Gyrobo said...

I win a whole box?! Rocktacular!

Bruce Cain said...

Nice. I always wanted a tree house.

TX said...

A Cabin... it is satisfactory

BTW am I really the only female

captain koma said...

you might not be for long

but there is Lin if thats close enough for you.

Deadpool said...

You guys are so lucky. In my day supervillains didn't even have shoes!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

I get to love in a triple decker contianer box. I think with a littel interior decorating, a few throw pillows and soem curtians I can make the place look really ni....

I mena I living in a box made of metal. Manly metal .... build tough like ... uh me.

Mr. Butler said...

Great. Motel 8....it's like Primatech all over again.