Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mark of Cain

Being an assassin for hire, is pretty good, .You meet all kinds of hot women , and for the most part the only people that can afford my skills are slime bags who want to off other slime bags. Money's good. And no one really remarks about my obvious alien heritage. Usually my life in this time period is pretty good (I'm from the future forgot to mention that.)

But not today. No right now I get the fun of babysitting Damian AL Ghul Wayne The little psycho kid of Batman and Ra's AL Ghul's daughter. just because I'm his adopted nephew on Bats' side doesn't mean I want anything to do with the brat.

His body language confuses me ( One of my abilities. I can read most people like a book) But this kid is on too much sugar or something his body language is all spastic. At that momenta knife is thrown past my head.

I turn using my senses to feel out the life energy of my attacker. Looked like it wasn't an attack. A message is attached to the knife. " Bruce Cain you are invited to Who wants to be supervillian. "

There is some other stuff about where it is and all. Hmm. This could be somewhere to show case my skills , maybe get some work. If nothing else, I should get some kind of action from it.

So I stuff Damian into the dryer, and turn it on. Well he's survived the last three times I did that. Besides Talia Al Ghul is beautiful when she's angry. I leave a note for my grandfather ( My biological one. ) To where I was going to be, and left for here.

Not sure where here is I flew but was teleported here after getting to the address. All I know is that a bunch of losers calling themselves the "Wrecking Crew" are guarding the entrance. It was a long flight, and I really don't care to answer these idiots questions.

" Take my bags or get out of my way. " I tell them.

" Your nothing but a pipsqueak." Some guy with rancid breathe called the Wrecker shouts in my face. " You ain't no supervillan your a funny haired freak,and we're not letting you in. "

" OK. Pick a number between one and five." I answer.

One of them shouts " 2!"

" Ok Super saiyan 2 it is . "

I stat off off by kneeing Wrecker in family jewels This guy who calls himself Piledriver clumsily tried to punch me I keep dodging until he gives me a nice little opening I can exploit. A shot to his gut later he's down for the count.

This guy named Thunderball throws a wrecking ball at my face. I catch it, and crush in my hands. He intelligently backs off. Unlike his friend Bulldozer. Who actually tries to hit me with his head, I dodge him and trip him. Then when he tries to get up I slam my elbow into his helmet breaking it.

I pick up the leader "Wrecker" and burn my hand print with a into his chest little of my energy powers a little something I call the " The Mark of Cain. " I leave them alive , because no one's paying me to kill them and if they did with their skills an powers I'd have to charge about 50 bucks.

I meet Koma, and some guy in a beekeeper's outfit who said He "Didn't like who I reminded him of."

" I get that a lot. " I state. I look over at this hot blonde cyborg who's talking to this weirdo with a bucket on his head. She must be a cyborg of some type because I smell tech on her. And I sense electricity.

I say my hellos to her ignoring the Bucket headed man dressed in pink. She scans me And gets my my name somehow " Bruce Cain Bri.."

I put my hand up "Let's keep my last name our little secret sweetness."

" I am not sweetness. I am Sky and I must terminate or subjugate humanity. "

I smile " I got some ideas on how you can subjugate me." I wink and walk away.

I can tell old dude in pink isn't too thrilled with me. Like I care. I find my room.

I begin to meditate when I feel a presence. " I won't fight you Lady Shiva. So you might as well go somewhere else. "

" Your mother never revealed to you the the name of her mother did she?" Shiva grins.

" And you know who it is do you? Funny. We only met the once and you all the sudden know my heritage. "

" Yes time traveller I do know it quite well, and I want to see if you live up to that heritage. Which is why I had Koma invite you here let's just call it a test shall we?"

" What? You going to say you and Koma are lovers or something?" I try to rattle her she doesn't take the bait. She starts laughing for all of five minutes. She leaves still laughing.

Looks like my first day here is pretty eventful.


Nightwing said...


I mean, um, no, don't.

Mr. Butler said...

Beekeeper can be a pain at times.

captain koma said...


Me and Shiva. Look I think you should be keeping this information in the - It never happened pile.

So yeah it never happened.

As for the Wreaking Crew well we needed bouncers and after they got their asses handed to them by Canadians and US Agent their cred has been lower than Brittany's. So they came cheap.

Gee just like Brittany.

Henchman432 said...

Welcome to the game, brat.

Dr. Nemonok said...

It is nice to meet you, Mr. Cain.

Analysis: Muscle for hire. Enjoys cheap stunts, eg burning his handprint in his victim's dermis. Possible traumatic past.

Conclusion: Very effective at what he does, but clearly not an evil mastermind. May not have the ability to go the distance in this contest.

I will enjoy competing against you, Mr. Cain.

Synth-Lin said...

SO your a babysitter. Thats a very different occupation for a man. We do deal with all sorts. There's no prejudice here of any kind. Even those of the rainbow persuasion like yourself.

The mark of Cain sounds like a wonderful form of hand painting.



Bruce Cain said...

Nightwing: Your confusing there unc.

Nr Butler: yes he can.

Capitan Koma: yeah I thought it didn't happen with the laughing and all.

I hope the Wrecking Crew work cheap.

Henchman: thanks Beekeeper man.

Dr. Nemonok: grandma?

Synth Lyn: No the LOA Has some kind of thing with Ra's al Ghul going , and we ghhave to protect the brat. Good thing your good looking.

TX said...


another filament

Gyrobo said...

The suit is actually to keep the bees in, not out.