Friday, November 16, 2007

AOC: Lairs and Superheros

I assemble my team to work on the secret lair. We all put out plans on the table, but find issues with each one.

Samantha like the classic art deco Gotham building, but we decide against it due to the fact that Gotham is one of the few places there has not been slump in housing prices and worries about making a return on our investment.

evlil lair
I think the Green Goblin lived there

Gabby thinks we should be out of the way on an Island. But Samantha worried about unruly lava flows and a lack of selling locations for cookies. I was worried about jedi fighting it out around the lair.

evil lair
Run! Run from the Frosting slide

When I unveil my plan, everyone groans and says we need to make out own lair.

container box
But I put in a Fireman pole for quick escape.

We discuss the matter for a few hours more. “So what I understand from our discussions,” I state, “is we need a place that is easy to get to, hidden in plain site. A place that most cities have, but no one goes to or admits going to…”

Yep!” Gabby snarls.

You might be on to something there boss.” Say Samantha as she rolls her eyes

Good, I have a few phone calls to make. You two gather the other and meet me at this address in 3 hours.”


So what do you two think?” I ask “It fits all of the criteria!”

Only Worry. It may attract members of Congress.

Both Gabby and Samantha look at me speechless.

And the best part is if any Super Hero’s comes looking for us they will get distracted by all the stuff in side. I have set up sections that give in to all of their special preferences. I have a BBW section for Superman, cuz his like ‘em thick, an AuNatural section for the Green Lantern, a hot Mermaid section for Aquaman. And lots of other for the rest of the do gooders.”

Gabby asks “What if they are guys you like… umm… you know ….. uhhh other …. Well *whispers* guys

No reason to get all freaked out Gabby, but we do have a section for that too. Look over there, where Koma is standing.” I tell him.

What if it not a guy super hero, but a woman who is after you? What then?” Samantha inquires.

Yeah, what if a hot woman in a tight jumpsuit wanted me?” I state reflectively

We all look at each other and bust up laughing!

No really,” I say while I regain my composure. “we all know that is never going to happen.

All of a sudden we hear a whooshing sound and a deep voice behind us say “you and you little gang are done here. I need to clean this dirt up.”

The Bat Dude himself.

Stay!!” I tell my Henchmen as I turn to Batman. “I was expecting you, Dark Knight. And I have a little surprise.” I whistle loudly


Private Hudson runs out of the Superstore Yelling “Is she here? Is she here!”

Yup she is! But she decided to be kinky and dress up as Batman. That Batgirl is just freaky don’t you think.”

Here comes the H-man!” Hudson screams as he charges the cape crusader.

Before Batman know what is going on Hudson makes it across the parking lot.

Is Batman Kissing back?

Batman breaks away and runs for it with Hudson in hot pursuit.

Gabby shakes his head, while I hear Samantha mutter “That is harsh and just a little hot.”


Dr. Nemonok said...

Perhaps I should send Apocalypto Pickle over there. He is certainly looking for companionship.

Anything there to interest a green mutant demolitions expert with a bit of short man's complex and a possible interest in the same gender?

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

"Mini Hulk Gone Wild" might float his boat.

Bruce Cain said...

AAAAH! My eyes! And Batgirl oiis not freaky ! My mom would never....

I men uh ... Bad Grndpa! Bad!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What is Batman doing???

Mr. Butler said...

The Haitian liked the volcano lair.

Gyrobo said...

I heard this is how Warren Buffet got started.

captain koma said...

I wasn't in that store.

I don't go to stores like that.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Maybe it was Deadpool dress up like you, but I doubt it due to the fact I saw no one in the Bea Aurther section. (you know the Golden Shower Girls)