Sunday, November 4, 2007

This Week Winner.

Ladies and Gents,

The Winner of this weeks challenge. Will be brought to you in a second. First the judging.

Bruce Cain...Not great, but not bad. Next, it would be good thing to tell us about your surrounding better. It's like when I am on a date, I like the dinner sometimes,then the bam.

Dr. Nemonok...Very well done. I liked when you put your henchmen to the test. If I were to give you a grade it would be a B+.

AOC...Also well done.The Girl Scouts gave me chills...The incontinent old men,not so much.

TX..Wow, you have a whole army. I hope you can control them. If they get out of hand,I will have to put them down.

Mr.Butler...aka (HRG) I was taken a back in a good way,on how you took charge. Way to step up.However, I would watch out for that last Cheerleader.

Gyrobo...Your brilliance amzaes me. You may go all the way. Everyone should watch out for you. For you indeed have a disturbed mind.

Now for the last one...Mags...Just because you have a few movie under your belt does mean you can't come and go as you please.

The Winner....

Is Mr. Butler. You lied, cheated and stoled. Good for you. My hats off.

Report to the Spacestation for a week of R&R.

Dental for all.

M.O.D.O.K. sucks.


Mr. Butler said...

Alright! So do I get a reward? A cool, super-villain weapon perhaps? I want a bright red, flaming unicorn on tank tracks that shoots toxic lava (that's the best kind!) out of its nostrils and sings "Lemon Tree" in three-part harmony.

Mr. Butler said...

R&R is nice too.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Koma, Henchy, Deadpool, remind me to have Samantha send you by some Thin Mints.

I'll be sending some to you Mr. Butler .... if that is your real name!!!!!!

TX said...

Of course I can control them.. I can control them and send them to destroy any place see....

Florida.. (boom)

Ga... (boom)

N and S Carol (boom) (boom)

any questions?

Magneto said...


Gyrobo said...

Best. Judge. Panel. Picture. Ever.

Dr. Nemonok said...

Congratulations, Mr. Butler. Enjoy it while you can, myua ha ha ha!

I have never done one of those supervillain laughs before. I quite enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Go Mr. Butler!!!!!