Sunday, November 4, 2007

Magneto is gone

Now this happens in every blog game. There is always one little blogger who doesn't realise that the game has begun and his post hasn't come in on time.

I believe the deadline was Saturday the 3rd of November.

"The deadline is Saturday 3rd of November."

And Magneto hasn't posted.

Now either Mags doesn't know what day it is or he thinks he can sneak one past Koma.

Well dude your wrong.

The rest don't have to judge who leaves but what Magneto's punishment will be.

Please vote what you want it to be.

How should Magneto be punished?
Watch Koma's dvd of Hudson Hawk?
Spend 48 hours in New Jersy?
Listen to Xavier plead for his humanity?
Become Lin's Henchman for a day?
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Dr. Nemonok said...

I think it is obvious that he should hench for Lin for a day. I am sure she needs someone to compare lipsticks and try on clothes with.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

But here in the real world we had daylight savings time and inconjunction with Koma living in Ozzieland, it is only Thursday here.

Mr. Butler said...

Yes! My greatest competition, destroyed by my hands.

Apparently, paper beats scissors!

As for the punishment, I say the date with the Professor. They both deserve to be punished.

Deadpool said...

I don't want to see him "service" Lin. Disgusting. I'd rather have him watch hudson hawk

Magneto said...

I suggest we all do the right thing and adopt the Christian virtue of forgiveness. Remember, judge not least ye be judged. And ye know who ye are.

Synth-Lin said...


I want you as my henchman Maggie.

You'll clean the floor, do the dishes, walk my toy dog Bobo. Oh and clean out Vandal's cage. That hasn't been done for like months.

Gyrobo said...

It's a problem of means.

His means are tending toward the deficient. I recommend a series of excesses.

That is the path to Virtue.