Monday, November 12, 2007

Challenge Number 2 the decsison.

So its so sad to see one of you go, but it has to happen.

To find the best the worst must be weeded out.

The Chaff has to say goodbye to the wheat.

The impurities have to be burnt in order for the true gold to remain.

Who's gone.

Well if you checked the poll its a pretty foregone conclusion.

Sky you are not a Super-Villain

Who wants to be a Super Villain proudly supports the battle against Body Odour.


Mr. Butler said...

She will be missed.


I forgot.

Bruce Cain said...

Huh? So that's why Magnto is going around getting people to mell him I just thought he was senile.

Bruce Cain said...

I meant smell

TX said...

I have bigger plans anyway

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

and just when i was plotting my revenge for killing off some of my henchscouts.

Gyrobo said...

Can I keep the Chaff, for old times' sake?