Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bank Heist huh?

I was called into to judges office. the robot Synth Lin the Beekeeper and Captain Koma sit above me like some In a huge metal hover chair they were in the Spanish Inquisition. And I wasn't catholic.

" Bruce Cain. you've been accused of being a hero how do you plead."

I smirk . " The TX is weak. She is spying on you for the CIA." I snap my fingers and the bloodied and beaten Tarzan hobbles with my suitcase . "Here is a tape of her, her agreeing to spy on the show with a CIA agent. And the contract to do so. also records of her getting a pardon to . Finally she has been sleeping with a superhero. And listen to this that I hacked from her own memory files. "

" Tony I want to be good, and only you can help me. Please help me change. "

Koma looks over all of this. " It's authentic. We have a sheep in Wolves' clothing here it seems."

I grin. " And stabbing the back of my competition will only get me one step closer to victory. Also I'm going to give you another tidbit, The Black Widow is here as well . Spying on you. Her and Sky may be working together. Do me a favor, When you catch Widow whatever you do to her make it hurt a lot."

" Koma doesn't let me off the hook yet. " I checked your DNA , your the son of two "Do gooders." "

" So? If you know who my relatives , you know there are more assassins and murders than there are heroes in both sides of my family."

" Baron Mordo?" Koma commands and some weird man comes out and does some kind of hocus pocus on me.

" His heart is dark, he is full of vengeance and hatred." The magician states. " The only reason he did what he did as to insure the time line that leads to his birth."

" Your dismissed." Koma waves me away. For the heck of it I push a button on my belt and all the TX's army, attack my competitors henchmen. I get a good laugh about that. Even kill a girl scout or two on the way to my target.

Stars Hollow. A sleepy little town. Kids running around. The sun shining. . It just makes me angry. I walk into the bank seems they already had a problem with the villains. Not that it matters. I cased this joint already before I was called by Koma. So I know the layout already.

Kung Fu Clown capers in dancing and delighting the children he hands balloons to everyone when they pop knock out gas flows through the area I hold my breathe as everyone but me, and the clown were out a little bit of ki energy clears the room.

The rest of my henchmen run into the door. " Sandy! Mandy!Candy!" I order the three blondes. " Take the money in the teller's cubicles. Evil Ryu! Break open all the strong boxes in the back. Mad dog! Ok. Where is Mad Dog?"

We find him staring at a bank cashiers breasts,drooling. I roll my eyes and go over to the vault. Alpha asks " So what are you going to use your future tech to break it open."

I shrug "I could but this way will be all the more satisfying. " I grab onto the vault. And pull it out of the wall. I rest it on my shoulder and and exit the bank destroying the walls. The others carry out small bags of money jewels etc. My ninjas are fighting a band of cops.

Tch! I don't have time for this. What would Gramps do here? Oh Yeah . I put up my one hand channel my energy, " Big Bang Attack!"

I laugh as they run away " Look at them run like the bugs they are. " Few of the stragglers tried to shoot me I grab their bullets out of the air, and toss them back at the ones shooting, at a faster rate than the guns would fire hurting and killing a few.....

Finally these idiots pop up. The "heroes " of this town.

" Foul Bad guys now you face the Masked Wrestlers!"

They run up to me and and fake hit me with the soft part of their forearms making punching noises and stomping. I glare then crush one of them with the safe. I use it like a baseball bat on the other one. " Home run!" I snicker. Ad the hero flies off into the horizon.

Back at the tree house cut the loot, and enjoy the after math of the Henchman war I caused here.


Dr. Nemonok said...

Oh the intrigue.

It's so... intriguing.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Samantha is going to kick your backside to whatever freaky anime would you come from.

Me, I am just heading over to Luke's to get some pie.

captain koma said...

You know the lowest kind of person in the crime world is a snitch, a grass, a dobber.

You are a low lying snitch.

I like it.

Keep it up you might make a good super-villain yet.

TX said...

Nice try... but You failed in controlling my Army No one controls them but me

Bruce Cain said...

And yet they did what I wanted when I wanted them to. With a push of a button, Your arrogance just won't admit your outclassed, Model T. Or you do realize it, and your just trying to save face. How are the wounds by the way?

Gyrobo said...

What town couldn't use a pair of vigilante wrestlers?