Monday, November 12, 2007

Challenge Number 3

Ok we've gotten rid of one of you.

Sky is gone. We miss her and her army of faceless characters that were way too much for our audience to remember.

Next Challenge.

You've got the Henchmen/women/ and whatever that mutant pickle is. Your all cashed up now from your big heist. Well some of you are.

Time to get a lair.

All great evil villains have a lair. Doc Ock, Mister Freeze, Doom has a whole country for crying out loud.

Even Lin has a Bar where she and her Posse hang out. Be creative with your lair, make it shine to the glory of your evilness. Then when your finished....

Tak - What you want more of us. Gee Koma your just like Darth Vader he always wants more. More death more destruction, more karaoke singing.


Tak - Yes Koma?

Shut up or you get to be Lin's plaything. Mr Aikio is still interested in how clones deal with torture.

Tak - Ulp!

So as I was saying when your finished its time to use your lair. Get an arch nemesis and lure him to you lair where like the spider to the fly you will... well thats up to all of you as to what happens.

Again posts in before 12 am Sunday NY time. Magneto I will be watching you closely.

Who wants to be a Super Villain is brought to you by.
Hollywood Fashion Tape.
Now water proof.


Mr. Butler said...

If Guttenberg was alive, he'd be my arch nemesis.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

hmmm, Spidy trooper, Picard trooper, Elvis Trooper, Grechen the barista at St*rBucks. The possiablities are endless.

Deadpool said...

Guttenberg is alive. I hear he's making "Police Academy 8."

Gyrobo said...

I need a lair symbolic of continual victory and technological progress.

Like a fusion of the Hindenberg and Titanic.

Anonymous said...

What the heck are you talking about?