Monday, November 26, 2007

Challenge Number 5

Ok now you all have been told that there is a guest judge this round who's going to be handing out immunity. Oneida is here and she's going to be watching all of you very closely.

Tak - How close? I better have a shower and buy some new clothes. Oh I'm so nervous I'm sweating right now.

Neemonock - Are you sure this judge will be impartial.

Buttler - Yeah she and the clone have history.

Gyrobo - His crush for her is so big one can carve it out of an iceberg. I did that with my first love. I flew it by helicopter over her house and dropped it on the house. Unfortunately she was in the house at the time. I was crushed.

She'll be ok.

Now for your challenge.

Build a big Robot of Doom.
Use your resident evil genius (not me) from your organsiation you took over last round. And build a good robot to bring terror to the world.

Let the evil continue!

Who wants to be Super-Villain is brought to you by Evil Eddie's robots.


Gyrobo said...

Ah, the sasquatch-moonman model. A classic.

Mr. Butler said...

And here I expected the challenges would get easier....

Synth-Lin said...

Thank God Koma decided not to use one of Eddies robot's as a template for me.

The body hair just freaks me right out.


Deadpool said...

No one better build a munnky robot. TRUKK NOT MUNKY!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

But Evil Robots are scary!! not at all cute anc cudley like insane robot clowns.

Gyrobo said...

Tee hee!