Sunday, November 18, 2007

The umm decision

Well Koma found me at the bar with my Posse.
"Lin you've got to judge this round." he told me.

"Really? I thought all I had to do was look pretty." I answered sarcastically.

"Ooooooooh!" chorused the girls. Mr Aikio was silent, he never said much anyway.

I left the girls and went to some hard thinking.
Also some drinking too.

I got home late that night and turned on the computer to look at all the losers and there posts. Yes thats right your all losers. Especially that jerk Bruce Cain in the ass. Whats all that crap to do with Bat-girl. How'd she get involved with all that Dragon Ball Z crap. Next!

No-brain-spock was next. Brain in a jar I get to the end and its all about him having sex with his henchmen while having tea with Magneto. I'm sure Magneto was into that. It was actually a good idea but the arch-nemesis. Really a bearded mullet man. Whats going on. Also it was a two parter. I thought you'd finished and hadn't done sqwat. So I hope your ass-less brain gets kicked off.

Tak at first I though it was going to be a science lesson with all the volcanoes. Then you got onto the right stuff. A hero wouldn't be caught dead in a store like that. Except maybe Midnighter that gay stud muffin. Woof! I wish he'd switch sides. Then again he'd bring Apollo. Calm down Lin. Calm down. Also I have to give you some credit for not wimping out with the guy on guy action there. You are not repressed at all. How about joining me and the girls for some drinks later on.

Mr Buttler I have to give you some credit. Your evil streak is showing some real possibilities. Taking over the Enron building is a delicious irony. So was your plan to draw out those loser kids and their lame hero. If we had more villains like you the world accept me as their rightful queen.

Magneto well I mentioned you before. You've got to realise that you truly are gay. Just face the disco and dance.

Gyrobo I love you. If you were a human I'd have you for dinner lunch and tea. Then I'd bury the bones in the back yard so the cops wouldn't find them. I'm sure your delicious reality warping imagination would make you quite tasty.

Ok I gotta pick one of you to win so's I better go with.

TAK - You won cause you didn't cop out.

This was brought to you by Lindsay olives.
I decided that I liked my drinks with olives so much I bought the company.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Just so we are clear on whats going on in that picture: What happens on Alderan, stays on Alderan!

Bruce Cain said...

Ah insults fronm an airheaded robot. As a courtesy I let you pick which one of your posse I'll kill.

Gyrobo said...

Well, I have been marinating.

Mr. Butler said...

Robbed again! You will rue this decision. Rue it!

(How super villainy was that?)

Magneto said...

That girl has spunk.