Monday, November 5, 2007

Challenge Number 2

The Heist.

Ah! A classic that all super-villains from the Joker to The Green Goblin have tried. And now so will all of you.

"Bah! Too easy." grumps Brucie-bob Pain-in-the-ass
"I do not require money I am above such human failings." gloats Sky.
"Are we doing this in Gotham?" asks Mr Buttler.
"Steal! Now that will be a novelty. I haven't stolen anything since I stole my sisters boyfriend." says Nemonock.
"Well I'm sure Samantha and the girls will be really good..... boyfriend?" asks Tak bewildered.

Ok you've got your minions, henchmen/girls, cannon fodder. Now its time to use them.

You've got to go and hold up a bank. In Gotham City its so normal the safes all have revolving doors.
Hahaha! Little super-villain joke for you all.

First case the joint. Make sure you've got the layout of the bank.
Plan your heist. Are you going to go in all guns a-blazing, or are you going to do it all sneaky.
Make your get-away. There are heroes and the police to deal with. Not mention traffic.
Your bank isn't in Gotham its in a the sleepy little town of Stars Hollow.
Let the evil commence!

Who wants to be a Super villain is proudly brought to you by Wonder Dog
What would Wonder Dog do...
Brought to you by The Church of Wonder Dog of Latter Day Saints.


Gyrobo said...

Surely you mean Latter Day Saint Bernards?

Dr. Nemonok said...

So we are robbing the bank in Stars Hollow? Why even mention Gotham? And you also appear to show signs of ADD, OCD, dementia, delerium, social anxiety, impulse control disorder, and a mild case of Boanthropy. It must be an interesting place in your mind.

TX said...

easy and done