Monday, November 19, 2007

The Vote - Or we get rid of one of you

Ok one of you are gone.


We come closer to the end of this roller coaster.

So who got bounced?

Who is gone?

Well he turned Tarzan into his buttler.

He says he's from the future and as I've guessed he thinks his mother is Cassandra 'Bat-girl' Cain.

Really how stupid is that for a characters background.

Ok lets get this over and done with.

Bruce Cain
You are not a Super-Villain

Who wants to be a Super-Villain sponsored by
Hot Girlz R Us


Gyrobo said...

Silly Koma! Roller coasters have no end; we simply choose where to stop them.

Telling the carnies that won't get you any free rides, though.

Mr. Butler said...


Vegeta said...

This is what happens when a show doesn't have me in it. Ha! you get bad derivatives of me. the original is always the best. But since I am the King of saiyans stupid little reality shows no longer interest me.

Good luck with the losers you have left they all seem about as super villianous as my daughter's puppy.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

but that is one bad @$$ puppy she has!!