Monday, November 5, 2007

Magneto's Punishment

When Koma asked me to conduct Magneto's punishment I decided to get the posse together.
Mr Aikio was already with me but I had to get some of the girls together.

Ivy, Giganta, and Laser Lady were all ready to go. It was time to pick up Bobo and deal with the laggard. We gassed Magneto's quarters and moved him to a nice plastic cell.

I waited till he woke up.

"Good morning guess what they chose as your punishment?" I chirped loudly.

Magneto swore a blue streak in his native German as well as English and what I thought was Hebrew.
"C'mon it'll be fun Mister Lensher." I told him. "Brighten up, its not that bad."

"I have cheated death what makes you think I'll bow to the whims of a robo-whore like you." He snarled.

"Take in your surroundings Magneto. Its all plastic even the gun Laser Lady gave me. Your my little slave for a day." I gloated.

"NEVER!" shouted the neutered mutant of magnetism.
He lunged at me.
I tossed him into the furniture.

"Now you better not try anything like that again or I'll be forced to make you visit Mr Aikio. You remember him from Lethal Weapon. The torture scene with the shower and the electrodes." I smiled.

"What do you have me to do?" he asked meekly.

"First you can walk Bobo. Then dress up in drag and sing for us." I tell him.
Oh this is going to be fun.


TX said...


That is my sister


Mr. Butler said...

Good job, Lin! Though his singing me be punishing you.

Magneto said...

Magneto bows before no man! No synthetic life forms, either!

Gyrobo said...

Life in plastic? That's fantastic.

Mr. Butler said...

Clarification: "may" instead of "me"

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

so there are no metal part in Syn-Lyn? Just asking.

Dr. Nemonok said...

Perhaps now you can get in touch with your feminine side, or your more feminine side, as it were.