Monday, November 19, 2007

Challenge Number 4

Who wants to join an evil organistaion?

Tak - Umm! Koma. You spelled organization wrong.

No I didn't. I use an 's' like it says so in the oxford dictionary. I speak English, I'm from Australia. I don't use those filthy American aberrations.

Tak - Touchy. You look like you could spend sometime with Lin dude.

Lin - Ugh! I don't touch him anymore. Getting back with your Ex is so lame.

Nemonock - Are we getting a challenge or not?

Buttler - I agree with my disembodied competitor.

Magneto - This flim-flammery is merely wasting precious time I could use buffing my helmet.

Henchy - Dude TMI.

Your challenge is to join an evil organistion. You can infiltrate it, take it over, use it to take out an enemy of yours. Send out underlings for ice cream and sherbet. I don't care.
Choose your organistaions carefully as you will be judged by your abilities to work (or not to work) with others.

This challenge was brought to you by Apple and Dr Evil


Deadpool said...

FYI Viacom isn't considered an evil organization.

Mr. Butler said...

Well, I'm already a registered Republican, so I think I won already.

Gyrobo said...

Side note: the original iPods were designed to be the size of phone booths and only played jazz.