Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our guest judge

"Lin can you meet our guest judge for the 5th Challenge? "Asks Koma.

"Austin can't you see I'm having some non-Y time. No Y chromosome and you are seriously bucking the trend here." The girls and I give him a look of indifference.
"You could show..." He continues but I hold my hand up to stop him.

"Talk to the hand Austin its non-Y time and you are so very much Y." I tell him. "I am not showing some nerdy guy around so he can slobber over me and the girls."

"Uhh-huh!" chorus' the girls.

"The judge is a she Lin. Its Onieda." he tells me.

"Well then that changes everything!" I exclaim. I quickly tell the girls all about the Lt. Cmdr and how absolutely awesome she is.

"Well then girls its party time!" shouts my main girl Dixie.

We meet Onieda at the landing site. She's all so pretty.
"Onieda this is the posse oh and our master of cool Mr Aikio." I introduce.

Onieda is a real princess. She can kick ass take names and still look like a million dollars. She's a real wonder woman.

We took her partying she was all up for it and I'm not sure where she ended up.
I fell asleep.

I last saw her leaving with this guy.
Oh well just long as she's here next week to judge the 5th challenge


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oneida! You've gone native!

Deadpool said...

Is this some kind of dig at me? AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH?


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Yes Deadpool you do have feelings, but they are feelings of rage, pent up frustration and loneliness. What you need is to gat a half-gallon of chocolate chunk ice cram and go watch some Lifetime show, so you can get in touch with your other half.

Well the judge for the 5th challenge looks like a perfectly normal non-biased judge whose life I have not save on at least 4 occasions. Also I do not have a crush on that judge so that is good .

What?!?!!? Henchy, why are you looking at me like that?

Gyrobo said...

What I'm hearing is "design and implement a new chromosome."

As a nonbiology major, that's going to be troublesome.