Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mangeto buys some friends

Get some henchmen? Please, I already have an army of henchmen! All of mutantkind are my henchmen! And all of humankind are my slaves! Even if they don't know it yet.

The easiest thing to do I suppose would just be to gather some of my Brotherhood and bring them back here. The thing is, since sneaking back to the land of the living, I haven't looked any of them up. They sort of scattered after I was killed during an intimate moment with TX.

I was on the way to the lobby to get a local paper to check the want ads, when I overheard Henchman talking to AOC.

"Hey, Tak. I just heard about this great new club down the block."

"Oh yeah? Is it . . you know?"

"It's totally are seen. It's called the Manhole. Suppose to be wall to wall guys. The brawny type."


As they walked away I realized I had stumbled onto their plan. Obviously this was the local recruiting center for bad guy henchmen. All I had to do now was beat them to it. I rushed out the back door and flagged down a taxi.

"Take me to the Manhole!" I shouted at the taxi driver as I climbed in the backseat, careful to pull all my cape in behind me.

The driver turned around and looked me up and down. He was obviously impressed with my battle suit. He shrugged and started driving.

Several men we hanging around outside the club. Inside was packed. Almost everyone was wearing black leather. Clearly super-villain costumes. Perfect. In no time at all, I had hired 6 perfect candidates.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

"It's totally are seen."

I guess you should get points for using 2 words right in that sentence.

And I am not sure what you are implying about my friendship with the Henchman. It is just a normal guy friendship like Rock Hudson and Liberace, or like Sigfreid and Roy. You know just manly men hanging out and doing manly things.

Not like some villain we know who wears pinks and purples, and looks like a personal pleasure device from Fire Island.

Synth-Lin said...

How do know about those devices on Fire Island Tak?

Mr. Butler said...

Hmm...he did have this as a draft, so maybe it still counts? Maybe he didn't realize that we were supposed to publish them ourselves, after all, that's what henchmen are for.

Magneto said...

"are" "our" - you get the idea.

And my battlesuit is a very manly shade of red!

TX said...

Hmmm well he cant blame me this time as he has continued to do about his death

Gyrobo said...

It's raining henchmen.