Monday, November 26, 2007

The decision - by Lin

"Well the votes in." Said Koma to us all in the judges lounge.

"Can I give the verdict to the players and all?" I begged. "Please!!!!!"

"Sure Lin you can do it." ageed Koma.

I read who it was and thought the best way was to tell the looser to his face.

- knock knock-

I knocked at the looser's room.

"Yes Lin. What do you want?" asked the Magneto.

"Guess who lost." I ask.

"Gyrobo?" said Magneto.

"No guess again." I chirped.

"That anti-christ Butter?" he enquired.

"WRONG AGAIN." I shouted. "Its you. So pack your bags and get out of here."

"You are not a Super Villain!"

Then I went and found this guy and we bashed him.

Ah! I like days like these.


Mr. Butler said...


Well, aside from the constant misspelling of my pseudonym, everything is going according to my plan.

Gyrobo said...

Butter goes on toast.

Toast and paper are both made from trees.

It's simple transference.

Magneto said...


You will all beg to lick my boots when I run this silly planet!

Synth-Lin said...


Your a wind bag who's just denying who he really is.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

will you botts have butter on them?

and didn't I see one of you henchmen licking you boots at the last dance party you had?