Thursday, November 29, 2007

Koma forgot something

I was out partying with my main girls, Dixie and DJ Cathrine Wheelz. It was a great party and everyone was getting up and catching onto the toonz we were spining (I'm really getting into the DJ lingo).

Then DJ Cathrine played a piece she called "Late Deadline." It features a sample of Magneto singing Three Little Maids from School. Wheelz recorded it when Koma gave him to us cause he forgot to post in the first round.

I remembered that Koma forgot something about this round.

He forgot to tell everyone when the deadline for posting in this round was.

I rushed out of the nightclub and took the first car I saw.
I had to tell Koma as soon as possible. If the players didn't know when they had to post. It could be horrible. Without a deadline Nemonock would never finish, it would just be - to be continued at the end of every post. I was thinking about the horror of Nemonock's never ending story so much that I had a little accident.
It wasn't bad just that it got on the news and everyone thought I was Lindsay. Its a common mistake for people to make.
"The easy way to work out whether I'm Lindsay is to ask the following question." I tell the Sargent who was first on the scene.
"And just whats that question?" he asks in a gruff tone.
"Can Lindsay Lohan teleport out of here?" I tell him.
"Now what kind of stupid question is that Miss Lohan." snaps the Sargent. "You celebrities think you can get away with anything."
"Goodbye officer I'm not Lindsay." I tell him.
"Ugh! Goodbye. Girl, the only place your going is downtown." he responds.
I give him a little wave and -!voip! - I'm gone.

"Damn!" replies the Sargent.

I tell Koma that he forgot the deadline.

He panics, then Henchy calms him down and tells him that all he has to do is e-mail the four remaining players. Henchy is so good to Koma. I wonder when Henchy is going to tell Koma how he really feels for him. They'd make a nice couple.

I got back to the party and DJ Cathrine Wheelz and I rocked the Casbah.

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